I’m excited to write this first blog post now that our website is ready to share. Here’s our update for Alejo’s Hideaways:

At Casa Charango de Mango, we’ve received our vacation rental permit and have received three bookings so far, one that’s already taken place in September, one before Thanksgiving, and one at Christmas. We’re looking forward to seeing the calendar fill up soon!  In the meantime, Juan is heading out in early October to host his siblings from Colombia for a week.

At Casa Azahara, we’re still waiting for our permit, which we are hoping to receive by the end of September. Mark is heading down for a week in October to be onsite during the installation of solar tiles on the roof.

Apartamento El Cielo is going strong. It’s been booked consistently all year. People really love the energy of the space, bright and airy and restful. It’s fun to see all the different kinds of people who stay with us, from nurses to concert-goers to businesspeople.