Hotel Zen-sual

A romantic oasis in the heart of the city

If you are visiting Bogotá, Colombia and want to book a romantic getaway, please consider Hotel Zen-sual.

Located in the hip Chapinero district, it offers six floors of high-ceilinged suites with jacuzzis, electric fireplaces, and bespoke furniture designed sustainably from native bamboo. Several rooms include private saunas or steam rooms, while others have fantastic beds suspended from the ceiling. The hallway on each floor starts with a Zen garden and continues with diverse erotic art from different centuries and cultures.

Why Zen-sual? We want to provide our guests and the community in general with a space dedicated to intimacy and well-being. We hope through our special combination of “zen” and “sual” that you will feel connected to both your spirit and your senses, fully present to celebrate your love with someone special in your life.

For more information, please visit our website.