About Us

We’re Juan Alejandro Ochoa and Mark Baum, your hosts at Alejo’s Hideways.

Juan studied to be a lawyer in Colombia, but after moving to the United States he began working with homeless families in San Francisco. He also does bodywork on the side.

Mark trained as an actor and a musician, but now works as an application developer and performs South American music on the side (www.markbaummusic.com).

It’s been Juan’s dream to offer places to stay in some of his favorite parts of the country:  San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Fort Lauderdale. We jumped in with both feet and started Alejo’s Hideaways with properties in all three locations. In 2020, with the change in the economy, we had to let our dream go… at least for now… but are still offering our magical home in Palm Springs, Casa Azahara. We live in it part-time, so please check with us directly about availability.